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Services & Pricing

I provide my coaching services to men and women across the US. As long as you have internet access, we can work together in video or phone call sessions! My goal is to make coaching support accessible and comfortable for anyone who is looking for support. 

Life is busy, and I aim to make our sessions work for you.

Services I Offer

Divorce Coaching

I specialize in helping individuals navigate and overcome the difficulties of divorce. I will help you prioritize the steps you need to take in the formal divorce process and create an action plan to start shaping the next phase of your life. The end of this chapter may be difficult but the next one has so many things to offer. I will help you gain closure, explore future opportunities, and find new success - all while standing on your own two feet. In addition to my divorce coaching experience I have a legal background that helps me understand the court and settlement processes. I work with many aspects of divorce, including: family planning, high-conflict divorce resolution, divorce meeting prep sessions and organization, collaborative divorce, and working with survivors of domestic violence - including physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, and emotional and mental abuse.

Trauma Coaching

I am an experienced trauma coach and recognize the mental, emotional, and physical toll that trauma takes on a client’s daily life. I am here to provide a safe space where I will listen, encourage authenticity, and help you access the strength and resilience you need to move forward. If you've experienced trauma, I know that your brain has probably told you to keep secrets and that you are supposed to work through hardships on your own. But these false thoughts stop us from progressing forward and finding true joy and success. I am here to help you understand and negate these thoughts so you can move beyond them. Together, we will use a holistic approach to visualize your desired future and work backwards to outline the actions that will help you get there. I specialize in working with survivors of sexual violence, domestic abuse, grief and loss, and eating disorders.

Life Coaching

I offer one-on-one life coaching services to help people set and meet their goals. My clients use these services to reset their priorities, transition careers, strengthen their personal relationships, or focus on their health and wellness needs, and I love helping clients in any aspect of their journey. If we work together in this capacity, I  meet you where you are, help you identify your goals, break those goals down into manageable pieces, and create action and accountability plans that we will work through together. Life can be overwhelming and we are not meant to figure it all out alone. I am best known by clients for my empathetic listening, organized action-planning, and the safe and judgment-free zone that I provide in every session. Achieving success looks different for everyone and together, we will create a clear vision of the future you want, and work step-by-step to create change in a way that works for you.

Pricing Plans

Coaching Packages

All coaching sessions are 45-minute sessions and meant to be completed on a weekly basis to provide consistency and accountability - two elements that are essential to change. All sessions are held virtually. While I typically use Zoom, we can work together in whatever platform is best for you.

90-Day Transition Package

Change is a journey, and I typically work with clients for 90-days at a time to ensure that we have the time and space needed to achieve and celebrate success. We will work together to structure our partnership in a way that works best for you!



4-Week Starter Package

If you are stepping into coaching for the first time and committing fully to a big change feels daunting, I am happy to work with you month-to-month to provide you with more flexibility and control, which can make it easier to get started.




Individual Sessions

I am happy to provide one-off sessions for quick encouragement, guidance or single issue problem-solving. While this doesn't provide the accountability that coaching success typically requires, it can help spark short-term action.


per individual session

Let me provide the support you are looking for.

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